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Talking 20 (T20) testing service


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The info about what's sold out and and not seemed a bit confusing, so I asked.



Pardon me if I'm unable to put the info. on your site together properly (the dates of the news items have confused me -- not sure what's still current news), but: is it possible to order the U-Pick Pack now and have it delivered to a U.S. address (in Florida) during the month of April?





Hello Brian,


Thanks for reaching out to us! We look forward to working with you in the future.


The U-Pick pack is currently available and can be ordered here: http://www.talking20.com/collections/alpha-products/products/u-pick-pack-presale-ii


Simply click the "Add to Cart" button and proceed through the next steps.


Thanks again for contacting us,

Paul Smith

Talkin20 Team


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Dried blood spots obviously lack volume, so anything detected would have to be corrected or normalized to another standard component. This seems to have been done successfully for retinol, and I found a reference for cholesterol as well. I'm sure similar validation experiments have been completed for the other tests they offer. I'm curious what the error is since the standards would be dependent on the original population, and the general error associated with correlation vs. direct measurement. I'd say DBS could be useful for a ballpark check, but it may not accurate enough for our purposes.


Retinol concentrations in capillary dried blood spots from healthy volunteers: method validation

Because the volume of serum in the DBS punches was not known, it was necessary to generate a “recovery/volume adjustment” factor (serum retinol/DBS retinol) to convert measured DBS retinol values to values equivalent to serum retinol. This was accomplished by dividing the serum retinol concentration by the measured retinol concentration in matching DBS to determine the ratio between the 2 sample types. The median factor (26.3) was then applied to all DBS retinol values to convert them to serum retinol equivalents. For populations examined thus far (in Nepal, Liberia, and Guatemala), this factor has varied by ≤10%.


Utility of dried blood spots for measurement of cholesterol and triglycerides in a surveillance study.

RESULTS: The correlation coefficient "r" was 0.78 for cholesterol and 0.94 for triglycerides between dried blood spots and serum. Bland-Altman plots suggest that differences in values obtained by the two methods were within two standard deviations for most of the samples.
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Thanks for the extremely useful info!


I agree -- esp. after reading your post -- that this might not be quite good enough for our purposes, but I decided to take a chance on blowing $99 and went ahead and ordered the kit. The five I picked (I ordered the U-Pick Pack) were:


HDL Cholesterol




Vitamin D3


I'll report back on the results (which I won't get until early May or so).



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