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Sugar targets

Guest EmRibena

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Guest EmRibena

Hi, nice to be here amongst you all. I realised my diet is already very similar to advice given about staring on CR - I've filled my diet with healthy, natural foods, I eat fewer calories to lose weight (I've already lost 4 stone), and I'm ready for the next step. I'm becoming familiar with CRON-O-METER, and setting my targets, but I don't know what to set my sugar target as. I don't eat anything with added sugar - if it's got sugar (or it's many forms) written on the packet; I don't eat it. However, I still want to track my sugar to see where it's coming from in other foods. Sorry, long story short - can someone please tell me a healthy level of sugar to aim for?


Many thanks, sorry for the ramble, I hope to be around on the boards for support and info, and to share my experience.


Thank you,


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