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Sharing CR Research Results & Conference Presentations


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I'm posting this here too, since the old email list is not used by some

people reading/posting here.


J.W. about getting "research info".

> Surely we have enough scientists here to do that?

> If we don't keep secrets until some later date?


Paul: (in a different recent post on the email list about sharing research info...)


All the CRONA participants received their results more than a year ago. We

were asked not to share our results until the paper was published. The

same is true for the 2009 genetic testing done by WUSTL in 2009. People who

attended the Las Vegas CR conference have seen the results explained by Dr.

Fontana, but he has not published any of it. He expressly asked us not to

film or report on his presentation.


We have been in contact with both researchers several times to encourage



The soon-to-be-launched DNA HACR study is organized differently. Every

serious long-term calorie restrictor who is a member of the CR Society

and/or livingthecrway.com can participate. Participating researchers will

have short limits on deliberation time -- a maximum of months. Further

every CR participant will have their results within a short time after

testing. And as the years roll by they will be able to compare their

results to others without waiting a long time.


The reason for research is to gain insights on how to slow aging. We cannot






I want to suggest that all past CR Society (International) conference

presentations (two years & older) be put on youtube or sold through

iTunes for .99cents each. This will allow any presenter ample time to

publish any new findings with ongoing research within 2 years, and

there is still going to be a strong attendance incentive to get the

latest information about CRon at the conference too.


For any research that's not going to be completed within 2 years or

that will be published beyond 2 years from the date of presentation,

then simply get a confidentiality agreement for CRSI members to sign

and get exclusive access to the presentation until publication. These

exclusive presentations would be be sold on DVD for a higher price

(not downloaded) after signing the "confidentiality agreement" until

the research person publishes their research. (Once published then the

presentation can be offered for iTunes or youtube.)


Using a protocol similar to the above ideas should give researchers

protection of their data with ongoing research before publication,

but, also, share exclusively with CRSI members with confidentiality



For long-term research also require the researchers to give interim

reports by specific dates, so no one has to wait for important health

data that may be useful now or before the study finishes.


I agree with Paul that we cannot wait. The Internet offers tremendous

opportunity for CRSI to share research information for very low-cost.

To spread "the word" we should be using youtube & iTunes to make it

free/cheap to learn.

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