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Lab Rats & Mice in Danger? Our Experiments Trashed? GMO Spoilers?


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Garbage In means Garbage Out...


Is our biological science & experimental research results endangered

by GMO feed being given to our lab rats???


This could be serious trouble, sooo what "the hell" is going on with GMO?


It can be very alarming reading numerous online anti-gmo protest

websites, so I'm being alarmist on behalf of our essential lab

associates. I don't understand why 'some' of our GMO science seems so

hell bent on ignoring or bypassing many potential health risks that

could directly affect or threaten our health, longevity, and possibly

all life and the environment too. That's 'awesome' potential and



Reading "the above" you might think I'm formulating a "conspiracy

theory". I don't think so... but there is plenty of gmo-conspiracy



I found this often quoted and interviewed retired bio-scientist online:


For 50 years, he's been a scientist studying plant diseases in the

U.S. and around the world and spent 35 years at Purdue University as

Professor Emeritus of plant pathology.


He has a 41-year military career as a retired Colonel, evaluating

natural and manmade biological threats, including germ warfare and

disease outbreaks.


He coordinates the “Emergent Diseases and Pathogens Committee” as part

of the USDA National Plant Disease Recovery System under Homeland





Is he controversial too? Well, yeah, he is interviewed by a lot of

anti-gmo organizations including one that posted those credentials for

him above.


His name is: Dr. Don M. Huber, Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology,

Purdue University. (I think he retired in about 2007.)


I don't want "to bloat" this post with his commentary that can easily

be found if you just search his name, and then you can find many

anti-gmo sites quoting & offering video interviews of him too.


To try to learn the pros/cons of gmo viewpoints I found a gmo-plant

science website, which is made-up of both new and experienced

professional and academic researchers and scientists. I found this

article about Dr. Huber... it is worth reading whether you are pro/con

gmo. Link:




There were many excellent points made in the comments section too from

that article linked above (except for several off-topic comments that

went astray).


The gmo food controversy, its global politics, and, especially, its

science is a really fascinating area "to study" and learn more about

it if you have the time and interest. I could do this for years, since

this is "so freaky" science that has the power to do great good or

incredible damage, really, unimagined and unintended consequences

could be outcomes for all of life on earth within the next few



I have read that some (if not the majority) of USA Lab Rat/Mice chow

will likely have GMO ingredients. These will likely be in the Corn,

Soy, Beet, and Canola/rapeseed oil. Most European Lab Rat/Mice feeds

will not have GMO if made in the EU.


Despite all the "conspiracy theories" going around the net about gmo

foods I found one scientist post this at the same website linked



"One aspect of this that I have described in the past is rodents in

biomedical research. I used to work at one of the premier mouse

facilities on the planet. These animals since the mid-1990s were *not*

getting organic mouse chow. Here is a place where you can see the

ingredients in mouse chows: http://www.labdiet.com/rodent_diet.html

(but this is just one supplier, of course). You can open up various

recipes--such as "breeder diet" and see what's in there. They know.

The one I opened had corn and soybean as the first ingredients.


Now, these organisms are performance animals from this research

facility. They cannot be sick. They have defined characteristics. They

are monitored and evaluated constantly. You can even see what

conditions are in the facility rooms. Here you can see examples of the

status reports. http://jaxmice.jax.org/health/index.html


They are the best studied organisms on the planet, I'd wager. Not only

are they studied at the production facility--they are followed and

studied at the purchaser facility as well.


If they were having diet issues it would have been identified

immediately. If there were multi-generational issues, this industry

would be dead right now. You'd have to imagine a world-wide conspiracy

to keep quiet that there was some kind of problem. (Well, of course,

that's actually something opponents believe anyway...sigh...).


You'd also have to discount all biomedical research since the 90s.

Because if there were some kind of confounding issues, everything

would be invalid, right?


There was a time in the 90s when a batch of mouse chow was made with

insufficient Vitamin E. Researchers around the country were noticing

the problem, and reports were coming in. It was traced back to a chow

provider and fixed.


If there was a giant problem with mouse food, we'd know. There just isn't.


I know it's not perfect. But it's about as carefully studied and

multi-generational as you can get.


Another thing I just thought of was pet average lifespans over the

last decades. Is there any data on that? I assume most pets are fed

commercial conventional foods. It might be another nice data set to






I haven't found any studies about GMO vs non-gmo Lab Rat chows, but

this would certainly be a very interesting subject to learn what may

have been tested and researched to date. I think if some health issues

were obvious, then there would have been some "recalls" of Lab Rat

feed in the last decade or so.


Many studies may be limited to 90 days, so there may not be enough

time to pick-up on any long-term problems. From what I've read so far

"long-term" studies need to be at least one year or more.


GMO-Man is playing with God-like powers and much of it is based on a

gold-rush to quick profits without direct government over-site and,

instead, the acceptance of industry research with secrecy and hidden

(potential negative side effect) data is already evident and cloaked

as proprietary for GMO "regulation". It is definitely not "the better

safe than sorry" approach. More like "damn the torpedoes and full

speed ahead".


Mankind faces the unleashing of all kinds of pathological and

sociopathic dangers that industry self-regulation poses, when safety

testing is inadequate promoting no long-term ethical constraints or

serious long-term review process. At present, we're lacking

independent open research combined with the strict regulations

necessary to detect long-term side-effects. Without thorough safety

research some GMO product will likely unleash some deadly consequence,

but we may not know it till years later after the damage is done and

detected in the aftermath.


Unfortunately, this is radicalizing and creating hostile political

movements against GMO with a large dose of "conspiracy theories"

thrown-in making many paranoid about this issue. I truly believe some

crop diseases will be prevented by some safe GMO innovations, even

healthier foods can be created, but the companies making these

products need to do long-term safety studies of 1-2 years for the

rats/mice *AND* release the blood-work data too.


I prefer safe-open science over radical conspiracy protests online or

in the streets that will take hold if the data is kept secret and

unavailable or never done. I'll be studying this issue over time and

will report back any findings to this thread.

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