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Hi everyone,


Notes on our just concluded conference coming later (from several of us, I suspect).


For now, a quick note about another conference, one you still have a chance to attend! -- SENS6.




The conference looks like it will be at least as good as previous SENS conferences. Note ("Program", on the right) that it opens with a block of CR speakers.


It's a long journey to Cambridge University for most reading this, but it's a worthwhile journey, and the registration fees go to a very worthwhile cause. **Note: discounted early registration ends TODAY.**



Speaking of the "worthwhile-ness" of the cause, a couple people emailed me off-list in connection with our recent discussion of SENS, making reference to my alleged "anti-SENS" position. I'd like to note for the record that I am in fact extremely pro-SENS. In the past I've made some critical comments about the Methuselah Mouse Prize (most of which comments I would still stand by, I'm pretty sure), but those criticisms had nothing to do with SENS itself. I believe: 1) solving the seven challenges that make up SENS will indeed make reversal or the permanent management of aging possible and 2) supporting research to meet these challenges should be a civilizational priority.


I expect my children might very well benefit from SENS or similar efforts. For me and my peers to be in a position to benefit, I likewise am extremely pro-CR, and believe strongly that CR research should be supported.




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Hi Brian!


SENS 6 does indeed really look interesting -- but it couldn't come at a worse time for me. Starting 9/01,I'm teaching Freshman Calculus here in Rochester, NY -- and, though I can get substitutes

from colleagues for a few lectures, this is NOT a good idea at the beginning of the term with a Freshman class.


(Also, I have the strong feeling that, unlike CR VIII, SENS 6 will not have CR friendly food at the lunches and dinners. Of course, one can make up for this -- but it's hardly a pleasure to do that.

This is not my main reason, though).


Finally, it costs $$ (conference, hotel, travel ...)






-- Saul

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Hey Saul! Good seeing you at the conference.


I'm still not sure myself whether I can attend SENS6, mostly because of a possible conflict with another conference, but I completely understand your concerns.


About food, I've gotten used to bringing the food I need with me, or finding it locally. It's a pain, though, to be sure.



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