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Free Summer Celebration!

Paul McGlothin

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Join the CR Society and LivingTheCRWay members at a

Summer Celebration


Sunday, August 25


Enjoy camaraderie, tasty treats, discussion about DNA HACR, and Paul’s presentation -- given in June at the Buck Institute:


The Practice of CR Science:

What’s to be Gained? What’s to be Learned?


Nestled next to the Teatown Lake (nature) Reservation, the Center is a perfect vacation destination for enjoying nature walks, visiting the Historic Hudson Valley, or maybe taking a jaunt into New York City to see a sight or two.



Delicious CR Way treats will be served.

Free to all!


The CR Way Longevity Center


Westchester County NY


4:00 - 7:00 pm (ET)


RSVP to let us know and to get directions:


LongevityCenter@LivingTheCRWay.com [/email]








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