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Meal frequency

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Hello everyone,


I am new to this forum, but have been practicing CR for about 3 months at the moment. I have lost about six pounds since I started, and I still have some room to lose weight until my BMI approaches my goal of 18.5 or so (I'm 5 feet 10'). I've been reading the debates about meal frequency and eating patterns, but I'm still fairly confused about the relative influence it may have on health outcomes. Currently I eat two meals a day because it's much easier to cope with hunger and cravings. I know I should probably be skipping dinner rather than breakfast, but the evidence I've found in the not so large number of scientific papers I've read was not conclusive (i.e. It dealt with overweight or obese individuals under very specific circumstances, etc). I would like to pick your brains and see what you think. Is it better to eat three meals a day or just two? If I choose to eat two meals, is it worse to skip breakfast instead of dinner?


Let me thank you for your attention in advance.



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Hey buddy,


I have discovered this forum just recently. I have found CR just two days ago it seems pretty same as mine, but I am on the meal restriction. ('How to eat to live' book by Elijah Muhammad)


The main idea in that book is 'Quote':

Mr. Muhammad warns that eating several times a day excessively tasks our digestive system. Over time, we kill ourselves by never giving the body enough time to rest and revitalize itself. He advocates eating one meal a day, at most, and fasting for three days each month.


I have an idea, that our body is pretty much like a car engine, it can run through some certain mileage of digested food. For example you can digest 30 tons of food though your life, and then your digestive system fails and You die. Of course it depends on the food you eat. The best food is not processed one.


Currently I am eating once a day, or once every second day. The thing is when I was on day ON/OFF diet. I had food once a day. And after 24 hours I really knew what I wanted to eat (fish/avocado/some vegetable or fruit etc.) It was cool!


The feeling you call hungry - is the moment when your stomach is digesting itself. I think you're not hungry if you don't know what you wanna eat. :)


I suggest you to eat once a day (Same time is the main thing here). But listen to your body, if you wanna do it on the morning - eat on the morning. But I think I am very well rested after sleep and I do not do not need to get busy with food digestion. For example - I cannot go jogging when i had food this day, as I feel how it jumps in my guts. :D I eat from 4pm to 6pm.


After three years of this stuff. I never feel hungry - i can feel that I ate something wrong, and stomach is not happy with it just this.


There are food intolerance as well: wheat, glutein, dairy and lactose. It might be giving you rashes as wheat gives to me. You can find this out by not eating those products for 21 day. You'll see changes if the excluded the right stuff.


Don't forget to listen to your body, if you think you like some kind of food, then it just means that your organism has not enough of some stuff from there and it feels tasty. (Not sugar of course)


Good luck buddy!

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