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caloric restriction

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Caloric Restriction


From "Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes" 1879, By R. L. Stevenson.


Stevenson is staying overnight in a monastery called Our Lady of the Snows. The monks have a vow of silence among themselves but can talk to visitors. The monks are wakened by the ringing of bells at 2 in the morning, pray and work at jobs of their choice until bed time at 8. Most days they eat sparingly of 2 meals. From some time in September until Easter they eat once at 2 in the afternoon."


"Their meals are scanty, but even of these they eat sparingly, and though each is allowed a small carafe of wine, many refrain from this indulgence. Without doubt, the most of mankind grossly overeat themselves; our meals serve not only for support, but as a hearty and natural diversion from the labour of life. Yet, though excess may be hurtful, I should have thought this Trappist regimen defective. And I am astonished, as I look back, at the freshness of face and cheerfulness of manner of all whom I beheld. A happier nor a healthier company I should scarce suppose that I have ever seen.

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