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Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss

by Joel Fuhrman, Mehmet C. Oz

Publisher: Little Brown & Company; 1st edition (January 2003)

ISBN: 0316829455


Author's website: www.eattolive.org


Michael Rae: "I checked it out & skimmed it. Wasn't impressed: lots of shoddy arguments, typical high-carb/low fat propaganda in many places. Good emphasis on the high-nutrient-Calorie THEORY; too much emphasis on grains to put the principle into practice.


"Fuhrman actually cites an awful lot of BAD studies (as eg Cornell's China Project on Nutrition, Health & Environment), which have been criticized by Michael Rae for being *geographical/ecological* in nature, since that is not reliable, *prospective* epidemiological design. Michael Rae is VERY much in favor of well-designed, PROSPECTIVE, cohortepidemiology, like the Nurses' Health Study, the Physicians Health Studies, & the Health Professionals' Follow-Up Study, & cites such often while flinging his assorted excretions & exudations on the former types of study design."


Another member, Ted Pearlman, wrote:


I know that Dr. Fuhrman's book Fasting and Eating for Health has been discussed or referenced here on several occasions in the past.


He has a new book called "Eat to Live" from Time Warner books that has just been released. He addresses CR in this book more directly than in his previous book and provides some of the most comprehensive and intelligent analyses of various epidemiological diet and health studies that I've ever read. He is a very, very bright and critical thinker with a stupendous "bullshit detector" (one of my favorite Carl Sagan phrases) with no axe to grind and no products to sell (although you can buy a Vit-a-Mix at cost through his website :)


His basic formula for health is nutrients/calorie and the net result seems to be a diet that is the essence of CRON.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, Dr. Fuhrman is a board certified MD in central New Jersey who was fasted as a young injured athlete by H. M. Shelton with great success. This sparked his interest in fasting, plant based diets, and medicine.


"Fasting and Eating for Health" has had a more influential and positive effect on me and my health than any other book I've read. I highly recommend his expertise and his writings...

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