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Sprouts The Miracle Food: The Complete Guide to Sprouting

by Steve Meyerowitz, Michael Parman, Beth Robbins



(Paperback - July 1998)


A good reference is the Steve Meyerowitz book, Sprouts The Miracle Food, which describes the low calorie and high nutritional profiles of sprouts grown in the home, using water only. In almost all cases, sprouts will surpass any food found on the grocer's shelf.


Sprouters have the freshest, most nutritious, tasty, economical, and pesticide-free harvests possible. Our food is unpolluted, nutrition-packed, delicious, and very low cost.


Sprouts grow great no matter where you live. One of the nicest items that I have to report, (esp. for other sprouters) is that it is possible to tend to your sprouts only once per day, regardless of the season of year, or how hot it gets. I happen to live in one of the hottest climates in S. Calif, where the temperature goes above 90 deg F, and sometimes above 100 up to 110. And I leave my windows

closed in the summer, so temperatures could exceed 120 deg in my residence. Yet I water my sprouts only once a day!


And my sprouts do very well: no spoilage, on once a day.


One can ignore the information in the sprouting literature about twice-a-day rinsing. This guidance is written for novices, by seed sellers, who wanted to guarantee that new people could not fail. Experienced sprouters (who understand sprouting - like you and me) can get away with watering once a day.


Sprout books say to rinse and water twice a day. This is not necessary for experienced sprouters. If you rinse well once a day, they will do just as well, and flourish with no spoilage.


I grow all kinds of sprouts incidentally. No matter what seed is being discussed, rinsing only once a day works just fine. They all do well.


If for some reason, the once-a-day method does not work well for you, then contact me off-list, and I will give some additional hints. Hints probably won't be necessary, and you'll be very happy with your results. And very happy to reduce your work-load by at least half.


Reviewed by Warren Taylor

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