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Croonies and slow speech


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I've noticed I move slowly and speak really slow. This is my default, I can speak faster but my body seems to prefer speaking slow, it's made me more mellow and I enjoy my conversations more and people seem to respect my slower speech than the erratic faster one I use to have.

I've noticed the croonies on YouTube are very similar. Is this generally true? for those that are on sub 2000 calories, do you notice you take life slower and prefer to conserve energy? I've also notice I perfer to take inside my head than to say it out aloud, it's like I'm being more efficient on how I expend my energy. Also noticed alot of movement could be better if you focus on only the liimbs that need moving at that time, like walking. I like this slow lane in life, just wondering if this is universal or because my very low BMI.

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