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What is a list of all the conferences you've attended, and a list of all you want to attend?


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I really want to attend INSR sometime https://boothsquare.com/events/isnr-annual-conference/editions/isnr-annual-conference-2024/979ca44e-ac4f-45c7-bcc0-b69e403e2980/

Have not attended RAADfest..


I have attended International Society for Complex Systems 2018, GSA2018 (the one panel on day on aging was worth it because ALL the aging scientists would collect together at the same talk), AGE2019, Montreal 2019, and one GRC2022. Also one University of Washington one (actually two), including one that did a lot of dog aging. AND a Brown University one

Also two Foresight Institute conferences (including the longevity one in 2023) and one A4M. The Foresight ones are soo ideal.

[I often have only attended these conferences once, b/c I like the diversity/novelty but there are diminishing returns to coming to the same one again, given other things one can be doing, and also given that my strength is diversity]

Posted on here: https://www.quora.com/What-bioscience-conferences-have-Quora-members-attended/answer/Alex-K-Chen [but no one is gonna read that anymore]

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