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Neuroplasticity & aging thread


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^this is all social reward learning tho, it doesn't mean "hard skills" (like technical ones) are easier to learn after psychedelics/TBG/psychoplastogens


psychoplastogens and Sholl length of dendrites (as compared to ket/nor). BUT EVEN then, more complexity may mean more noise (and having TOO many local dendrites may interfere with efficient *global* processing [eg long-distance bullet trains])



Dendritic spine shrinkage is different from neurons getting damaged over time (it's a double-whammy, but rate of shrinkage seems way higher than what can be explained by neuron damage alone). mad.science.blog has more to say on this (tho he discounts the role of neuron damage)


way more distally related: http://eplex.cs.ucf.edu/hyperNEATpage/HyperNEAT.html

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