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Welcome to our new forum, "Chitchat"!


This new discussion "space" is for, well, pretty much anything.


Imagine coming to crsociety.org as if you're arriving at a conference on CR, health, and aging. There are sessions on the science behind diet and aging, and sessions on more practical questions surrounding the implementation the diet. If you're interested in the science, you attend the talks and discussions about the theories and science behind CR. At crsociety.org, that's equivalent to going to the forum "CR Science & Theory". If you're interested in, say, how to manage complicated social aspects of the diet, or how to cook broccoli in a way that maximizes nutrient availability, you go over to "CR Practice". (There will also be some topics that fit in both forums, though, of course.)


But one fun -- and important! -- part of going to a conference is getting to know the other attendees during lunch breaks and free evenings. You might want to talk about things only tangentially related to CR (cryonics, starting your own greenhouse, etc.), or maybe things that are completely unrelated to CR. That's what the new Chitchat forum is for: topic-unrestricted discussion.


Basically, Chitchat is a place where we can get to know one another.





President, CR Society.

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Guest Heidi

I have four goldfish and I have fed them one time every other day for FOUR years. I feel that their longevity is due to restriction food intake. I also due not have to clean the fish take but once a month or so.

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Guest Judy Brown Lawson

Hello!  My name is Judy.  I'm 75 years old and live in a very rural part of New Mexico.  I am interested in learning about CR's benefits.  I just took a terrific tumble from my mare and broke a number of bones, so I'm grounded for a few months. I'm not fat (110 Lb) but I'm rapidly losing muscle mass due to being grounded :angry: 


I don't eat much by choice, usually one meal before 1 PM and one meal after 6 PM.  Little meat, perhaps a bit of cured ham?  Veggies, mostly roasted. Rice, mostly cooked with broth.  One slice of whole wheat bread a day, max.  


All remarks concerning 1) strength building 2) CR for strength building and bone knitting (I currently have 6 which are broken) will be most, most appreciated. 



Judy Brown Lawson

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