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Trojan Program?


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OK, this really does have nothing to do with CR. :)


I just discovered the following file on my hard drive:




A Google search indicates it's a Trojan program. Simply deleting it won't help, since it has (apparently) modified my system. A few websites offer programs to remove it completely.


I've seen this before with other files on my computer. How trustworthy are these removal programs? Anyone know?


A somewhat desperate CRSI president with a computer that's increasingly chuggish/sluggish,


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It has been 7 months since the last posting on this thread.


Brian, 2203 minutes is a day and a half.  Did the HouseCall program ever finish, and did it remove the Trojan program?


For several years, I have used the free version of SpyBot ( It has never taken more than two or three hours for a scan of the computer.

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