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Is CR for me?

Guest paulie

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OK, I'll be the first to admit I eat like a pig! (At Ponderosa's buffet I devour 5 platefuls.) Despite this, I'm only 6-8% body fat, and people say I'm "too skinny!" It is scary to think what may happen if I decide to try this CR thing. (BTW, just how many calories is considered a CR meal?) I do ride a bicycle nearly 200 miles/week, plus I'm a mailman . . . so, perhaps someone like me shouldn't do this? (If I decide to try, I'll wait for the off-season.) Perhaps a "Calorie REDUCED" diet may be more appropriate for me -- and be simpler to do -- while providing at least some of the benefits? (From what little of read on it, it seems this CR thing is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.) Basic blood tests I've had are within normal ranges, though iron and ferritin are sometimes a bit low.

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