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BBC's "Ugliest Woman" is 60lbs


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"Born with two rare conditions - Marfan and lipodystrophy - she is unable to gain weight, no matter how much she eats."

"Now 26 she is 5ft 2in and weighs about 60lbs (27kg). ..."

"She also has a recurring problem with her right foot which easily fractures due to a lack of fat on the sole, "


Not "CR'd" by choice, of course, but I'd be curious to see her bloodwork, panels, and genetic-test results (telomerase, etc.).






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Guest amy100

I am not aware of what this really was about. People should not be judging her she can't help that she is so thin, I think she is beautifully the way she is , although most people would not be able to get by at such a low weight.

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