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C aRt (or CR art)


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Well, we're all fairly well familiar with CR science (at least in its current state of the art) ...

But how would one (practitioner or nor) approach CR from an artistic base -- either academic, professional (book cover) or pure (for its own sake)?

Thought of in a different way ... say the CRS finally acquires permanent office space (building) .. how would one adorn/decorate its walls, hallways, lobby, facade, or front lawn? ...


Maybe something like the Irish Famine Memorial in Dublin (w/o the depiction of gloom/horror...and a bit more muscle!)





Long time followers of the CR List may recall some discussion of Posada's Mexican Death Art a while back:


Tho' one can see the immediate general-audience appeal of this decorative image, currently on the CRS home page:





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