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NYT How to become a superager

Guest Cory

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A professor of psychology at Northeastern University had an article in the NY Times "How to Become a 'Superager'".  A superager being someone who is physicologically significantly younger than his/her chronological age.  The latter part of the article addresses the question how do you become a superager.  The short answer is "work hard at something."  The key word is "hard".


"Many labs have observed that these critical brain regions increase in activity when people perform difficult tasks, whether the effor is physical or mental."


Vigorous exercise and strenuous mental effort are recommended, not a leisurely crossword or sudoku.  The challenge is that such activities make you feel bad, tired, or frustrated in the moment but in the long term reward you with a more youthful brain.  The article concludes by noting that in this country pursuit of happiness leads to avoiding situations that leave us exhausted, aching, frustrated.  The recommendation is to select a New Years's resolution that is challenging. 


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