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Energy dense foods my increase cancerS

Guest Cory Brooks

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Guest Cory Brooks

Science Daily has an article  Energy dense foods may increase cancer risk regardless of obesity status



The study found a 10% increase in obesity-related cancer among normal weight women.  

DED is a measure of food quality and the relationship of calories to nutrients. The more calories per gram of weight a food has, the higher its DED.


"The team found that women who consumed a diet higher in DED were 10% more likely to develop an obesity-related cancer, independent of body mass index."


"This finding suggests that weight management alone may not protect against obesity-related cancers should women favor a diet pattern indicative of high energy density."


"They hypothesize that the higher DED in normal-weight women may cause metabolic dysregulation that is independent of body weight, which is a variable known to increase cancer risk."



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