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I recently became interested in this topic, however when I tried to register the site said my email already in use. Looks like I joined in 2009 but I never followed up. So, here I am again.  Almost 10-years later I’m even more interested in living longer, healthier now that I have grandkids and lost my father after spending years in a skilled nursing facility. So, where di I start?  Any mentors out there?

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WJbettis, probably you could start by reading some authoritative books on longevity. Like Valter Longo's 'The longevity diet', which deals with diet and more.

Also, the online presentation by Dr. Luigi Fontana, another longevity scientist.

Also, the material by Dave Buettner on the blue zones, the very longeve subpopulations.

Most experts and practitioners believe that the following points tend to improve healthspan and longevity:

  1. A whole foods plant-based diet close to the Mediterranean diet (lots of vegetables and fruit, legumes, nuts, EVOO, whole grain cereals,  few animal protein, very few or no junk foods)
  2. A regimen of exercise which includes mild cardio and resistance exercise tailored to the subjects (mild weight lifting)
  3. Occasional or continuos caloric restriction
  4. Enough proper sleep (7.5 hours on the average)
  5. Stress management techniques like meditation.
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You are welcome, pls feel free to ask I found this forum pretty friendly and erudite, without the fanaticism often found in other fora.

Another book which has been put in sale today by Amazon (UnDo it!) seems to be promising, it's probably a review of Dean Ornish 'Spectrum' method, with the presentation of a unified theory of health and longevity (heard it from the authors in a podcast).

 I'm a little undecided whether to buy it.

Undo It!: How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases (English Edition)

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