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Dietary AGEs aren't scary in those with healthy microbiomes?

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With healthy microbiome dietary AGEs aren't scary:
"Intestinimonas AF211 also converts the Amadori product fructoselysine, which is abundantly formed in heated foods via the Maillard reaction, into butyrate. The butyrogenic pathway includes a specific CoA transferase that is overproduced during growth on lysine. Bacteria related to Intestinimonas AF211 as well as the genetic coding capacity for fructoselysine conversion are abundantly present in colonic samples from some healthy human subjects."


Замечательная новость. У больных с СД2, ожирением и мет.синдромом есть изменения микробиоты. Модуляция или пересадка может помочь
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Very interesting. Thanks for posting. I would still avoid dietary AGEs to the extent that I can because firstly being healthy doesn't necessarily mean you have an abundance of those microbes in your digestive tract, the microbiome is so complex you can't be sure without testing. Secondly because this is just one type of dietary AGEs. There are many more types that likely are not broken down by these bacteria. Granted some of them might be broken down by other bacteria but the same problem applies, you can't really know if you have a lot of these kind of bacteria or not.
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