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Recommendations for CRON Diet?


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Hello! I am new to the CRON diet and I would like to know what you think about my diet, how I could improve it and if you have any advice to give me, thank you very much in advance^^.

Here is information from CRONOMETER:



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an easy fix for se - 1-2 Brazil nuts with vendor rotation (to not buy all the time from se-depleted soil)

calcium - too low, depending on multiple factors it has to be 800-1600, no way to describe in few words all the nuances, it has to come with food, especially if it is a supplement tab

b3 - it would be better to have rather 150%rda

composition - 80g of protein in a single meal will maximum use 30g for muscle tissues maintenances, what will happen with other and if it is desirable - an interesting question

composition - too narrow nutritional variability, in a long term it is perhaps unwanted

energy - unless bmi 17 is the goal energy should be increased to have a weight sustained or loss to be 1kg a year or something like this

energy - I would say, going with 1700kcal requires to back it up with regular blood tests and doctor consultation (a regular one, not from health and wellness industry), too many things could be done wrong, especially in a long term and not all of them are easily reversible (if at all)




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