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Here is an interesting article that was released over a decade ago in 2012. It includes an interesting discussion on DNA methylation, which of course seems to be a popular way to measure a persons "true age" at the moment. It also features a delve into angiogenesis and how diet can be beneficial in the context of cancer and weight-loss. 


Some quotes that caught my attention include:

  • Sixty-three percent of the deaths that occurred around the globe in 2008 were attributed to noncommunicable chronic diseases—most of which are preventable (WHO, 2011).
  • On its own, the human body does not produce enough antioxidants to combat the oxidative stress caused by a daily onslaught of internal and external factors, which is why consuming a diet rich in sources of antioxidants, such as plant foods, is so important.
  • ...[M]ost cancers (approximately 95%) are attributable to lifestyle and environmental factors such as cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, and sun exposure as well as dietary factors.
  • The research on whether phytochemicals in plant foods possess anti-carcinogenic properties is more convincing: Significant evidence suggests that compounds such as allicin, anthocyanins, cinnamaldehyde, indoles, isothiocyanates, lignins, lutein, lycopene, and resveratrol possess anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic, and anti-proliferative properties that help prevent cancer (Neto, 2007; Duessel et al., 2008; Aluyen et al., 2012; SMCI, 2012).
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