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How long does someone have left if they live with very severe fraility (or when bedridden)? [relevant b/c Jimmy Carter...]

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For me, Jimmy Carter was always the epitome of "successful aging" for like.. forever... It's sad to see this "epitome of aging" finally get weaker and weaker. Up until 2019, he actually could have still passed as "the most successfully aging" famous person ever, but it looks like there are WAY better candidates for this, like CR Rao or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolph_A._Marcus  (who is a way better ager than ANYONE, and who I didn't know until last month => and he might be **the** healthiest Nobel laureate ever, more healthy than Chen Ning Yang or Rita Levi-Montalcini)

I know I pay way too much attention to older people (not necessarily to the most successful agers), and my time is better spent on other things, but it is what it is...

Anyways, the time he has is almost done for, and I should be paying attention to other things. Becuase of AGI timelines, all of this is pretty irrelevant to me, except for one person I do know....


[I am also worrying about this b/c of someone else I know. Jimmy Carter is a metaphor for that person..]


https://gerontology.fandom.com/wiki/Ye_Ming has been bedridden since 2015. So he could do it for over 7-8 years...




Vo Nguyen Giap was also bedridden for years... the below was him on his 99th birthday in 2010. He managed barely over 3 years after this photo was taken...

Vo Nguyen Giap





Giap was hospitalized at the 108 Hospital on September 24, 2009. After his 100th birthday, Giap's health deteriorated as he slowly lost the ability to both speak and walk. In 2011, VTV showed footage of him voting (from a wheelchair) to dispel rumors of his failing health. At 6:09 PM on October 4, 2013, he died after a four-year stay at the hospital, at the age of 102. According to East Asian age reckoning, he was 103.


Giap was born 25 August 1911, and turned 100 (by Vietnamese reckoning) on 2010...

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