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The melatonin and melatonin megadoses thread (how to make yourself not feel sleepy after taking them)?

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I took loads last night without causing me to oversleep, but yesterday may have been a weird exception

There's more on rapamycin.news, but rapamycin.news is noisier than crsociety so I'll crosspost here


I've been drinking massive amounts of green tea, which allows me to not feel so understimmed (but also fragments my sleep). Whatever, green tea is so good for you that the catechols/antioxidants probably overwhelm the effect of fragmented sleep (esp b/c I never get great sleep)


Melatonin acts directly on SIRT1, enhancing its action to counteract oxidative stress (Shah et al., 2017). Melatonin is a hormone naturally synthesized and released in the pineal gland of animals/humans and is associated with the circadian rhythm and the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin demonstrated positive results in 3 animal studies but also negative findings from one study. The lack of significance in this study may be attributed to the low dosage of 0.04 mg/kg/day per rat (Rudnitskaya et al., 2015), in comparison to the 10 mg/day dosing in other animal studies. In human population the dosage of 2 mg/day did not show any cognitive benefits.


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I took a very large dose 2 days ago, and ended up sleeping my entire way through 3 consecutive days....

doris loh thinks it doesn't induce sleepiness... though still.. doris has posted A LOT of melatonin related stuff on FB

caffeine woke me up tho..

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