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Longevity Scientist Shares Steps to Slow Down Aging - Michael Lustgarten PhD


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Michael Lustgarten is a familiar face around here and he shares a great deal about his 15 years of experience in health and longevity in this video. The importance of tracking biomarkers for health and longevity is discussed at length. The conversation touches on topics such as predicting one's lifespan, adding healthy years to life, and strategies for slowing down the aging process. Caloric restriction and its potential benefits for longevity are explored. The amount of exercise necessary for optimal health is debated, along with insights into heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), muscle mass, and strength in relation to longevity.

Michael delves into tips for individuals starting their health journey in their 50s and how to train for VO2 max. The main principles of a longevity-focused diet are outlined, including a discussion on the importance of food quality versus calorie intake. Controversial topics like cholesterol's impact on mortality and the significance of DHEA-S and testosterone are addressed. The video concludes by highlighting key biomarkers that everyone should be aware of and emphasizes the value of regular bloodwork for promoting longevity.

I believe it is an interview that will be enjoyed by nearly everyone on this forum. 


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