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Unbun/Unbread (and other keto OR low-calorie bread)?

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I've been eating more unbun/unbread and they taste way more like food than thinslim foods bread did (something about thinslim foods bread seemed heavily processed). The fact that they have to be frozen/refridgerated (unlike thinslim foods bread) probably makes them more food-like..

The best thing about unbun/unbread is that it is VERY hard to overeat because of how full it makes you feel (much unlike actual nuts)...

Unbun/unbread is supposedly available in Berkeley Safeway IN ADDITION to whole foods

There is a new slight concern about wheat gluten which unbun/unbread doesn't quite have

Also for some reason it's just $7 at the local whole foods which means I stock up

there's "base culture" bread which is an alternative to unbun/unbread available at star market, but isn't as filling as unbun/unbread


There's carbonaut too, which isn't AS low-carb as it advertises, but doesn't deliver a massive glucose spike. Also, "40 calories a slice" [tho when a lot of it is dietary fiber you have to be careful].. I had a moderate one when I took it 2024-03-21. And a moderate one before. Potato starch..

Ezekiel bread is what kpfleger recommends (b/c wholesome and doesn't have egg), and is lower GI than most breads. But it has carbs and is 80 calories/slice.

In 2020-2021, I often ate Thinslim food breads, which didn't taste like actual food [and probably count as ultraprocessed foods). Even though they had oat fiber and were nutritionally superb


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The winner is so easily Mr Tortilla 1 net carb, VERY low calorie density, practically impossible to overeat (though gives you lots of bloating/gas [though I've tolerated it fine]). Which is FINE and I tolerate it WAY better than almost anyone but I've noticed the huge dif even w/that

plus it barely moves my CGM (tho over longer periods it's a gradual increase)

51 calories per 34g compared to ezekiel's 80 calories per 34g, unbun's 96 calories per 34g, and base culture's 100(!) calories per 30g.

Mr Tortilla makes you feel FULL, has lots of oat fiber [to reduce calories per gram], and is made out of real things...

Beans are 29 calories per 34g... Bread calorie densities are just crazy and you shouldn't eat bread if you can tolerate beans (which most people can't as much as me), mr tortilla being the only exception

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This is 62 calories per 34g, and more of it is actual carbs.. Ok I regret buying this

 But I could actually use this as a tortilla... And just wrap beans and tomatoes in this thing..


Still I ate 5 at once and BG only went up to 105 (and took a long time at that). These things make me full longer per calorie than even beans 

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