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How does one get gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT) blood test and what are normal ranges per age?

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ggt is usually a part of a liver panel, I do not remember if it is anyhow age dependent but it has another utilitarian function - as an alcohol consumption detector. AFAIR there was/is(?) a practice of getting it for assessing person's long-term risks (it usually takes 2 weeks for it to get calm after starting complete alcohol abstinence)

it is also a part of some complex calculation models (e.g. non-invasional liver health assessments)

I think alcohol sensitivity of it makes it not too much useful from age assesments perspective and so on.


to put some values how it works in alcohol consumption detection

a bottle of wine in the evening - my ggt is near 70, 100g of wine and ggt is in 16-20 range which is indistinguishable from no alcohol consumption for a long time. From insurance/immigration assessments/other similar perspectives it is a simple and powerful test - if a person claims hshe drinks very moderately and in the absence of other health issues ggt reveals 50+ values - this person is losing confidence in the assessment model.

cross-checked my parent's values - they are also like 21 and the lab reports just smaller range for women than for men, no age-related dependency of norm.

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