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Testosterone and androgen receptor signalling (how to suppress)

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Me, [7/13/2021 14:04 PM]
Hey everyone, I've been talking with @yatima1460 and she's seeing a need to have scientific literature published on  what DIY MtF ppl have found re:estrogen injection vs using harmful small molecule blockers. Current official state of science is behind what is practically known and it affects availability of substances and makes it more difficult to work with endocrinologists. Seems like a great candidate for some research collective movement!

Me, [7/13/2021 14:05 PM]

Me, [7/13/2021 14:05 PM]
Super cool site

Yatima, [7/13/2021 14:12 PM]
yeah I need to introduce myself!

I'm a DIY HRT trans girl and I want to do something about the current state of HRT

Knowledge is so bad and lacking about the current situation that I wouldn't be surprised if even in this group no one knows about how bad it is for trans girls worldwide

In short legal HRT is so badly done that the only way to do it healthy is to do it DIY

I've read various guidelines for endocrinologists from various countries, only some US stuff is decent

the entire EU guidelines are absolutely wrong and damage our health in a legal way

if anyone wants to ask questions of any type no problem

Deleted Account, [7/13/2021 14:15 PM]
What’s the difference between the legal/unhealthy way and the DIY/healthy way?

Kaj Jež, [7/13/2021 14:16 PM]
@yatima1460 you should qualify that legal approaches vary wildly between jurisdictions (US vs. EU vs. Australia)

Yatima, [7/13/2021 14:27 PM]
almost everywhere the legal way gives blockers to suppress testosterone

when it's known they are bad for health:
meningiomas risk, brain fog, liver problems, adrenal glands going crazy and post-finasteride syndrome and other problems

the DIY way instead just uses high estradiol blood levels to suppress T and no blockers





Surprisingly, the authors of this new paper found that the density of these ARs was the most important determinant in putting on muscle and that actual levels of anabolic hormones don’t play nearly as important a role.


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