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Are you concerned (taking steps) to prepare for a supervirus pandemic (AI-engineered viruses)


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The only things that have any guarantee of working in any fast-spreading pandemic is a sensitive-enough, early warning system and reusable respirators (for everyone, not just for essential workers).

Another strategy is the complete automation of all essential indoor economic activity, but this might not happen before another pandemic arrives.

The other stuff seems impractical (UV light) or would only delay the inevitable (denial of virus blueprints and commercial DNA synthesis).

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My concerns are more in the camp of prepping, like food stocks, water, and eventually preparing to grow one's food. The latest pandemic was mild, and the distribution chain was not disrupted. Next time around we may not be so lucky. Also, the authorities have been so incompetent that it proved to us that we'd have to fend for ourselves in a serious pandemic.

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