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@everythingepigenetics Podcast: Dr. Michael Lustgarten


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This is a great video by Dr. Michael Lustgarten on the "Everything Epigentics Podcast." There are many gems in this podcast, but here are a few that stood out to me:

  • Dr. Lustgarten shares about his unlikely path to becoming a scientists - the odds certainly were not in his favour of him going down this path.
  • There is a tremendous amount of data that can be gathered from a $35 CBC panel as it is probably one of the most underrated tools there is.
  • Dr. Lustgarten wishes he had started tracking hormonal measures sooner and suggests that people do this; he's currently working on modifying his DHEA levels so that they are more youthful.
  • He discusses what actually "keeps someone youthful" since some things are easy to keep youthful (i.e. kidney markers, liver markers, etc) while other measures are harder to keep youthful and probably contribute to the "aged phenotype" (my words, not his). 
  • Dr. Lustgarten outlines his struggles with sleep, something I can certainly relate to; he also shares a fair bit about his diet, exercise philosophy, etc.
  • The host shares some interesting data that those engaging in very high levels of activity actually have worse Horvath clock data.
  • You can find out more about his favorite animal - it was an answer I sure enjoyed and didn't see coming.
  • A theme is to track, measure, track, measure, repeat! The data should do the talking really.

Michael, if you read this, I very much hope you get the chance to take the leap into this world with both feet! I can appreciate how scary that would be and the financial scariness that taking this leap would entail!



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