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Complement proteins - how do they change with age?

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6.3. Aging and Humoral Immunological Parameters

During aging, not only are the cells of the immune system affected but also the humoral components, that is, the complement. The complement system consists of nine proteins that activate each other in a cascade and are involved in the antimicrobial protection and activation of other immune responses. Since many changes and damage occur during aging, the complement system can be overactivated. According to studies, C3 and C4 levels correlate with age. In the case of longevity, this correlation is negative. The C3/C4 ratio is important; higher levels of C3 are thought to “shorten” life. Complement is involved in many disorders typical for older age, such as macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease and osteoarthritis [148].


C4a is what "old age" glycans activate..

Also see the book Immune by Phillip

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