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Has anyone gone to A4M? What were your favorite booths there?

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How does it change each year?

I came for the exosomes injection. They said "wait back for two days", though Sandra also said "you look like you're 12, do you really need this". It was the minimal dose, I didn't feel that much different later. I later learned that plasma therapy often comes with its own exosomes (though this would then be young blood and not baby blood)

I got my NO tongue-tested and it was low. Then I took their recommended supplement and it went up. I guess I need more fermented black garlic or beets [as ways to supplement it]

Visia skin analysis: I have zero age spots/UV damage, but I do have porphyrin accumulation (porphyrins don't seem to increase monotonically with aging so I'm not concerned about it). I do have some wrinkles under my eyes (they're invisible at normal wavelengths and my skin still seems perfect from the outside). I guess maybe this is a message I should be supplementing collagens. Wrinkles are *not* as bad as age spots b/c wrinkles usually mean collagen issues, age spots mean lipofuscin/irreversible damage

OH I saw a vegan collagen source there from reelabs. Alas, they only ship in bulk..

Skin antioxidant concentration is at 99th percentile..

The AGEmeter had me at 3.0, which is higher than 60-year olds (THIS IS ALSO WHAT BRYAN JOHNSON STARTED OFF WITH...). This thing measures skin autofluoresence, and it can be triggered by sunscreen (thus this alone is not the best measure, nevermind that I didnt have sunscreen). I suspect that eating loads of carotenoids could also trigger it (maybe even neuromelanin), which might be why my levels were so high (in line with my very high antioxidant concentration) [I know b/c I had someone test it an apple, and that had an "AGEmeter" of 4.(something)].

I did do sessions of the spinning sensory deprivation chamber (and in the "feel the earth's rhythms" chamber) but it didn't seem to have effects that lasted.

The "immersive" booths (eg neurotap or "synch your brain with the earth's harmonics") were mostly underwhelming and didn't change my lived experience for rest of day. Maybe the effect would be higher if I listened to longer or listened to a different soundtrack, but I also know I'm less hypnotizeable than most people because of all my daydreaming.

I saw calocurb... it's supposedly a GLP-1 agonist/appetite suppressant

also prodrome neuro has a new supplement that uses egg yolk choline, that could maybe boost my choline plasmalogens in addition to ethanolamine plasmalogens (I told them that prodromeneuro only increases my ethanolamine plasmalogens not my choline plasmalogens, so I wonder if this will help in addition to a blood test). the container is (barely) too large for airport security...... but I snuck it through 3x anyways (putting it first in the freezer)...

I saw a preview of the https://prodrome.com/pages/egg-yolk-oil

I got my blood clotting measured: more bleeding than coagulation, I have a small video of it




Your Skin Carotenoid Score Revealed Now 

Dear Alex,

Your Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner results are in! Your personalized scan, measured by X on 12/15/2023, returned a Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS) of 69000.

Your Skin Carotenoid Score is an immediate measurement of your own skin carotenoid content and an important indicator of your body’s antioxidant defense system.  The higher your score – the more carotenoids are present in your skin. 



Later in Vegas I got orthodics, which might be THE most life-changing thing to come out of my being here...

I was offered a Jinfiniti panel for like $600, but this was too much for me at the time (even though this would have measured 8-oxo-g, idk about klotho)

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