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Is decreased tolerance to ADHD stimulant meds a sign of aging?

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Saw this:


Now in my mid-30s, I'm unable to tolerate traditional ADHD stimulants like Methylphenidate and Adderall (the comedown is no longer bearable). I've long experimented with alternatives and have recently landed on low-dose buccal selegiline (1.25mg 1-2x per day) and Ephedrine (~8mg 3x per day). This combination has no noticeable comedown (at least yet, less than a week in) and is probably 85-90% as effective as Methylphenidate (I was taking 10mg 2x daily).

I.. also can't tolerate the comedown.. And this was after a long break.

OTOH, lots of older people can take stims w/o issue...

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