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Is it possible to utilize the microbiome to reduce appetite?


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I'm trying some free samples of Thaenabiotic right now, it's possible it might make me feel full (or at least more gassy) - gassiness has never been unpleasant for me



When certain gut bacteria infiltrate the rest of the body, our immune system picks up on them by sensing fragments of their cell walls, known as muropeptides. Our molecular detectors for these muropeptides, proteins called Nod2, coat the surfaces of cells involved in the body’s first line of defense. Ilana Gabanyi, a neuroimmunologist at the Pasteur Institute, wanted to know whether these molecular detectors also exist in the brain’s nerve cells.

Gabanyi and colleagues started with genetically engineered mice: Some were designed to lack Nod2, and others were engineered to produce a fluorescent tag that marked wherever the molecular detector was made. The first evidence that muropeptides influence appetite came from the mice without Nod2. Compared with regular mice, these rodents gained extra weight as they aged. That suggested, Gabanyi says, that the muropeptides may provide a “full” signal to the brain that is absent in Nod2-free mice. Because food can stimulate microbes in the gut, eating likely induces the release of muropeptides, she adds.



says inulin, but chicory root inulin never reduced mine...

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