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Garlic/ginger thread - how much do you need for potent benefits?

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Like, a small head per day? That can be eaten raw?


Check out see.nf/garlic for a remarkable series of interventional trials showing that, compared to placebo, a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder can dramatically improve artery function2631 and slow the progression of atherosclerosis.2632 Garlic can also significantly lower cholesterol2633 an





In World War II, garlic was called “Russian Penicillin” because, after running out of antibiotics, that’s what the Soviet government turned to.4521 Does it actually work? Eating garlic appears to offer the best of both worlds, dampening the overreactive face of the immune system by suppressing inflammation,4522 while boosting protective immunity, such as natural killer cell activity. Check out see.nf/coldsandcancer for double-blind, placebo-controlled trials of garlic for the prevention of the common cold and cancer. (Garlic supplement users did not appear to be protected from COVID,4523but it may take up to fifty-four capsules of garlic extract supplements to obtain the same amount of garlicky goodness found in just one clove of crushed raw garlic.4524)

What happens if you cook it? If you compare raw chopped garlic to garlic that’s been cooked in various methods, you can see dramatic drops in one of the purported active ingredients. You can get a 66 percent drop when you boil it for six minutes, 94 percent less when you simmer it for fifteen minutes, and a full 100 percent wipeout from just one minute of stir-frying it.4525 What about roasted garlic? Surprisingly, even though roasting is done at temperatures hotter than boiling water, it preserves about twice as much. Raw garlic has the most, but it may be easier for some to eat two or three cloves of cooked garlic than the equivalent (half a clove) of raw.4526



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