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What do you think about Plant chompers?


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I understand, here's your text with minimal adjustments for clarity and readability:

I think today mentioned @mccoy plant chompers in another topic, but I think he deserves a place of his own to ask this question. What do you think about him and his research + approach?

I like the way he uses studies, books, and common sense spiced with great humor to talk about interesting topics like longevity, the Mediterranean diet, veganism, and others.

This particular video series I found very entertaining - I think he doesn't "like" the carnivore movement. I also think it's something you need to fight against to reduce the harm in some youth today (in Germany it feels like every 3rd fitness guy is on carnivore right now...).


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Chris MacAskill presently is one of my favourite YouTube commentators on nutrition. Former geophysicist and developer of Iphones with Steve Jobs, he has a passion for nutrition and a big collection of historical books on the topic. I greatly appreciated his episodes on Ancel Keys and the story of how the carnivores and lowcarbers turned this most eminent and recognized researcher into a fiend. He commented on all the false allegations, showing paper upon paper and clips on the research of Keys and his collaborators.

His idea is that epidemiologic studies should not be viewed as inferior to clinical trials, because of the length of time involved and above all because of the great number of data. He interviewed the author of an article on an extensive epidemiological study, who explained how food questionnaires are designed and how much reasoning and statistics are beyond that.

The carnivore movement is a strong delusional narrative of modern times. I didn't know it was so widespread in Germany. In Italy, I'm not aware it has become popular, although I'm not very much informed about the habits of millennials.

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