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List of all places to get blood tests [what are the best]? And specific blood tests

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labcorp, Restricted states are: NY, NJ, RI, MA, and MD [this really sucks for MA, you'd have to go to NH or CT where so few people are...]

If ur in MA you have to use quest

https://www.ultalabtests.com/testing/search?__RequestVerificationToken=xM9d9qQHBzz3_N6UeWJoY5vpY2GxQrioxSCtevOn7DLRd2a2isU5q2MOmMn3yanw4DTLzn4G-15Rd1zaj-LcF2Ftf5Q1&ItemName=homocysteine uses Quest

Genova Diagnostics (has friction like requiring doctor's Rx). The ION panel requires Rx it's so annoying

https://www.lifeextension.com/lab-testing/itemlc381822/chemistry-panel-complete-blood-count-cbc-blood-test [also only uses labcorp]

https://marekdiagnostics.com/ (uses labcorp). has rapamycin blood level testing

https://www.walkinlab.com/products/view/heavy-metals-profile-i-blood-test [uses both labcorp and quest]

ownyourlabs.com [uses labcorp]

Rupa Health

https://www.rapamycin.news/t/blood-testing-cost-comparison/6187 (hippEvo uses labcorp)


jinfiniti (tho chris masterjohn had issue with their ROS panel b/c it was mostly uric acid, and another had issue with their Klotho panel)

OpenCures for plasmalogens

Ben Greenfield mentioned some in his book that got discontinued

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