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Is your regimen supported by solid research?

Paul McGlothin

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Stop! Before you start your day today, write out your activities – including supplements and food choices. Now find the animal studies that support each decision. Look carefully: Did the studies control the animals’ diets? Or did the animals actually eat a mildly calorie-restricted diet, which provided the health or life extension benefits?


Dr. Stephen Spindler asked this question when he reviewed a hundred six studies. His conclusions were shocking: Only six of the studies controlled for diet by calculating the calories consumed.


Dr. Spindler’s study is presented here:Stephen Spindler sets new standard for identifying compounds that increase health and lifespan in the Society’s new content sections.


If you don’t read the whole thing, at least look at the studies he examined (table 1) and the conclusion. I am aware BTW, that this study has already been shared on the Society's List. However, I think this study is so important that it should stay visible – particularly for researchers who frequently visit the site.


Dr. Spindler and Joseph Dhahbi have examined in the meticulous way described in this paper many substances for their life extension capabilities. The results were reported at the Society’s Las Vegas conference and are being published in variety of journals, as appropriate. I think some of the results make significant advances in the opportunity for life extension through supplementation. Some of the work may also provide guidance for selecting prescription medications. Consider the following:


Statin Treatment Increases Lifespan and Improves Cardiac Health in Drosophila by Decreasing Specific Protein Prenylation


Stephen R. Spindler, Rui Li, Joseph M. Dhahbi, Amy Yamakawa, Patricia Mote, Rolf Bodmer, Karen Ocorr, Renee T. Williams, Yinsheng Wang, and Kenneth P. Ablao


PLoS One. 2012; 7(6): e39581


PMCID: PMC3380867

Paul McGlothin

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