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Time Saving Solution for CR

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Not really, unless you can afford a personal chef to do the work for you. Some experiments were tried in nutritional research where test animals were given only the vitamins and minerals researchers thought they needed. Unfortunately the test subjects mostly died. Later the USDA developed RDI (Recommended daily intake) to find the adequate daily intake of all known essential nutrients for 95% of the population and is now mostly stable, but has minor changes now and then. Multivitamins have been show to be harmful in some studies, so that's not a good route to take either.


The path chosen by most CRON followers is to create a diet that gives you all essential nutrients in the foods you eat and if you find yourself short in one or two items, then supplement only the amount you need. It works.

Many people here use Cron-o-meter to record their food intake and plan diets.


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Yep, I think it's been pretty consistantly proven that taking pills and powders might supplement what you eat but there are varying needs between different people, varying quality of nutrients in pills plus benefits of eating whole foods that we dont completely understand with all the phyto-nutrients etc.


Plus the time you took to read the labels and choose which pills and powders would probably take longer than grabbing stuff from the produce section. If you prepare/make more than you need at once and store it you can save time. Sometimes it's a pain but at other times it can be enjoyable to prepare food.

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Guest Jara Design

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