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Café cúrcuma


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Café cúrcuma (Turmeric coffee)


Put 10-25 g ground coffee (10g: for weakish coffee, 25g: for fairly strong coffee) into a mug or cup. I use light roast (don't like the burned taste of darker roasts).

Add at least 3 g of turmeric.

Boil a "cup" or so of water (I use 200 ml).

When the water comes to a boil, let it sit for 20 or so seconds, or as long as it takes to get the temperature down a few degrees C below 100 (depends on thickness of bottom of pot or sauce pan, if that's what you're using to boil the water).

Pour the water into the container with the coffee and turmeric.

Stir (frequently, perhaps -- not sure it's necessary) for around five minutes.

Pour through a paper filter into a mug or cup.


Note: it filters slowly with fine grounds – so slowly that the coffee borders on too cool by the time you’re drinking it – so you might want to use coarser ground coffee.



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Hello Brian,

What a good idea,i have been making a turmeric pickle mix to try and get some turmeric into my diet but don't really enjoy it. I made your café curcuma yesterday and my first cup I thought it spoiled the coffee, the second cup I rather enjoyed.

Today I thought I would add a couple more ingredients in addition to the turmeric, , I put five cardomen pods broken in half, and a quarter teaspoon ginger.

As its cold and wet here at the moment and most of my food is raw or salads I found this delightfully warming and am having my second mug now. Its rather like a chia coffee..........incidentally I have one of those drip coffee makers and put all the ingredients in the mesh basket as you would coffee and let it make itself. Paul

ps now wondering what else to add.

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Sounds delicious! I don't have the patience -- or the courage -- to do more experimentation right now, but using a drip maker would certainly be easier. But I want the water to be in contact with the turmeric for longer, to help draw out the flavor and the (according to far from solid research) possibly beneficial compounds.



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