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Meet other members in my local area


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I am a new member. My first post about myself is here as #5:



 “I am new too! I am female, 45 and 5’2.5. I weighed 126 lbs yesterday morning. I live in San Jose area, California. My PBF(percent body fat) was 20.9 in September 2015 on an Inbody 370. My visceral fat level was 4 in July 2014 on an Inbody 570.


I have been a 90-95% nutritarian with Dr. Joel Fuhrman for more than 3 years. I am a vegan. I have been feeling a lot healthier.


My current challenge is to lower my body weight and body fat. I overeat on the higher calorie food items – nuts, sweet potatoes, sugary fruits and sometimes beans and tofu. It is very frustrating! I started to read on your forum last week. I really like your forum a lot, learning about all the science about calorie restriction, you guys’ practice and trying hard to focus on the long-term longevity goal.”


I would like to meet other members in my local area. Please respond if you are interested. Thanks!

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