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Chili powder sources


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I've been slowing inching toward incorporating capsaicin into my diet, and preliminarily I've settled on chili powder. I know that probably the actual peppers are a better source, but they are not practical in the way I intend to use them, basically as a spice I can incorporate into random dishes, where for a variety of reasons (storage, convenience, ready availability etc.) I thought chili powder was likely the best candidate. That immediately presents the problem of what brand and where to buy the best powder. I generally distrust various Indian, Chinese and the like sources, as I figure the quality control is bound to be abysmal and the risk of consuming god knows what exactly plus likely high levels of heavy metals and contaminants and what not - though maybe unfair, I don't know, it's just a rule of thumb I adopted. I looked at Amazon reviews, but it's a jungle out there. I figured I'd turn to the folks here to ask if anyone uses chili powders - what is your source? TIA. And yes, I used the search function to look for "capsaicin" in the forums, but no recommendations for specific chili powders.

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