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Protein + yogurt strawberry "cheesecake"


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I must admit, those Quest bars and the cheesecake made from them certainly look tasty - even for a vegan like me!


But just be make sure you and other readers of these forum are aware, the high level of protein they contain, particularly in the form of protein isolates, and dairy protein no less, is now believed to be counterproductive when it comes to longevity, and especially avoiding cancer, during to the fact that protein in general (and animal protein in particular) tends to elevate IGF-1.


Perhaps the best discussion of the importance of keeping protein intake not too much higher than the RDA is by Michael in this post on the Longecity forums from a few years ago, and referenced from this more recent post on these forums on the subject.


Keeping one's protein in the neighborhood of the RDA would be really hard to do eating those bars - since a single 170-cal bar contains 40% of the RDA of protein from whey and "milk protein isolate".



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I have so much to learn. I eat one of these bars almost daily, and it's pretty much the only protein in my diet since I don't care for much meat or dairy. Though, I *did* just buy little yogurts to try taking in my lunch. 


I am sure there is much about my diet that would make you all cringe :-)

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What your thoughts on cricket protein? Just saw these protein bars today.



From an ethical perspective, it's way better than whey. And as protein bars go, those Exobars don't looks horrible when it comes to other ingredients.


But have you run your diet through CRON-O-Meter to see if you really need extra protein? If not, it's better to avoid surplus protein for the reasons I pointed to above.


Let me repeat, if you really want to practice CR, you should run your diet through CRON-O-Meter to see where you stand nutritionally. 



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