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After a long hiatus, I bought organic olive leaf powder from Frontier again (Amazon link) and have added it to my spice mix. The spice mix contains so many other spices (~20), that the bitter taste of the olive leaf powder isn't noticeable. I use 3 TBSP of the spice mix per day (in my salad dressing), of which the olive leaf powder is probably ~0.25-0.5 tsp (~2g/day).


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  1. hello Dr Hiatus (Dean)! 
  2. I've been doing the same thing (same source & dose of olive leaf pwdr) for 6+ years, as has my colleague 2000 mi away, Mark Emdee, an ancient CRS member and CRS conf. attender. 
  3. OT content: Are you still wearing the ice vest?  I went through that and then, even better, cold-water surfing, and currently am (1) sleeping in 60F air unclothed with a sheet and a thin yarn blanket and (2) upon waking each day spending the first 30-60 min of putzing around (e.g., doing daily chores, fixing food, etc) still unclothed.  Feel free to reply in the CRS CE thread.
  4. ~k_
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