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Stroke and dietary reccomandations

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This is from Al pAper's citations and constitutes a very interesting paper, above all for its format, with the effects for single nutrients, supplements, foods and diets orderly and concisely dispalyed. Deserves to be discussed specifically. Many things are already well known, other dubious things may find confirmation or not.


Diet and primary prevention of stroke: Systematic review and dietary recommendations by the ad hoc Working Group of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition


Dairy products (low-nonfat) seem to lower stroke risk

Fish seems to lower stroke risk

Meat seems to increase stroke risk


Dark chocolate, tea, alcohol within limits, all are confirmed to lower stroke risk


Salt seems to increase stroke risk (suggested max threshold 5 grams/d)


Calcium supplements seem to increase stroke risk. I'm taking moderate amounts of Ca supplements.  Should we limit them or discard them altogehter?

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