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Glucose and ketone tracking through an indulgence of vegan restaurant food and dessert

Todd Allen

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I think the scale on the portable monitors is intended for diabetics and their extreme swings.   It will probably be a while before healthy people are recognized as a significant market for the devices.  Strict CR types may have little use for glucose monitoring due to perfection in dietary habits but most people eat in social situations and sometimes eat for pleasure instead of health.  In such cases I think it is helpful to know when one is over doing it and to see the value of following indulgences with some activity as incentive to get off ones  butt and go for a walk.

I liked the comments on the video.  I was impressed so many called out that meal as "junk" food.  It is likely better than most restaurant food but yet far from optimal.  There is a veneer of  healthfulness, attractive, tasty vegan food from a very popular fairly high end restaurant that probably emphasizes the quality and healthfulness of some of their ingredients, and a few years ago I would have assumed a meal like that was healthful and I imagine most people still do. 

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Yes, the guys who commented that video seem to be a bunch of absolute purists of the vegan diet.

By the way, I too had an opportunity once to realize on myself how much exercise can make a glucose spike drop down.  My fasting glycaemia was anomalously high, about 98 mg/dL. I had my usual dark cacao with dark muscovado, walked briskly 20 minutes on the threadmill, glycaemia was in the seventies. Knowing that, sometimes I indulge with cacao & honey before exercise.

I can understand how the continuos mild exercise of the people in the blue zones of Okinawa, SArdinia, Costarica and Ikaria was ideal to dampen those peaks (which to begin with were probably not remarkable anyway).



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