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Ioannidis and scientific papers


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This is a pretty interesting episode of the stemtalk series, with John Ioannidis, the professor who led the critical analysis on the PREDIMED study which turned out not to be a randomized study (although the results hold the same after a reassessment).


Ioannidis talks about some more or less surprising aspects of the world of medical literature.

Nutritional epidemiology is criticized because of food questionnaires of uncertain value and the presence of many correlated variables (confounders). Signal to noise ratio is pretty low. Discussion on the difficulties of an objective assessment of the 'best' diet.

More on the drawbacks of scientifical medical literature, like vested interests, repetition, favouring quantity over quality and so on.

I wonder if there is some quick index to assess the quality of a paper without havign to consult specialists in the field.

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