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Vit D & omega 3 may reduce infections in the 70+


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I was a subject in the Vital Study which reported “that vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids did not lower the risk of developing new cancer or major cardiovascular diseases in men and women aged between 50 and 60.

Vitamin D and omega-3s bolster health in some active older people

Now a three year study in Europe reports "Our findings suggest that supplementation of vitamin D and omega-3s in adults aged 70 or older who lead an active lifestyle and have no pre-existing conditions does not provide any benefits when it comes to bone health, memory and muscle function. However, we believe there is an effect on infections, such as COVID-19,"

Omega-3s reduced the risk of infections by 11% in total, in particular for upper respiratory (10%) and urinary tract infections (62%), while vitamin D lowered systolic blood pressure in men by 2.5 mmHg and the risk of infections in younger participants (70 to 74-year-old) by 16%.

The researchers attribute the lack of effect on bone health, muscle function and memory to the relatively good health of the study's participants, most of whom took regular exercise. Moreover, about half of the participants were so-called healthy agers, with no pre-existing conditions or vitamin D insufficiency. In addition to the supplementation prescribed by the study, they were also allowed to take 800 IUs of vitamin D daily. 

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